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How To Renew The Look Of Your Deck Without Replacing The Lumber

Deck cleaning in new jersey

If your deck is still in good shape but looks weathered on the surface, power washing can renew the look of the lumber. Wood darkens over time as it's exposed to the elements. Problems like algae can also cause a wood deck to take on a dark appearance. So there is a great chance that all it needs is a good pressure cleaning.

In fact, our New Jersey power washing pros at TruClean Wash renew the look of decks, fences, cedar siding, and other exterior wooden surfaces all the time. Before you decide to replace the deck, call a power washing company first. Ask them to take a look at your deck to see if this is all you need. It is well worth getting a free estimate to find out.

Why You Want A Professional To Power Wash Your Deck

If you expect to renew the look of your deck yourself, you may want to think again. There is a good chance that you damage the wood to the point that it is vulnerable to rotting. A professional will know the appropriate safe softwashing techniques to use on your beautiful wooden deck. You've already invested enough, it's well worth making it last by letting a pro take care of the deck cleaning for you. We also have access to commercial power cleaning solutions that household products can't compete with.

What To Do About Deck Algae

Algae will use a wooden deck as food. The problem is very similar with moss. Once this microorganism starts growing, it quickly takes over all the surfaces of your natural and man-made landscape if the area is shady. Mold and leaf mildew is often present as well. What we're trying to say is that you really have to keep up with the deck cleaning if you see it turning green or blackish.

Again, your best bet is to call a professional power washing company because the solutions we use deters algae growth for some time. For the safety of wood of your deck and for long-lasting results, let a pro like us power wash the deck.

If you would like more information about Power Washing for Deck Cleaning in New Jersey, please call TruClean Wash today.